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is it weird if I listened to this while i did my homework? idk, haha it got me motivated to actually do it. Great, amazing, addicting. What else is there to say about it?


for just a demo its pretty cool. you forgot to give credit to the artist of the song. When the movie loops the song repeatsand goes over the song thats already going (if you get what i mean). overall its pretty good.


CanadaBCWarflash responds:

Thanks for your Vote and Review once i get new sound card so i can hear what im putting on and a new flash program and drawing tablet will be much batter i can assure you that.


why would you think you shouldnt finish it? i think you should, it looks really good.

Animator1123 responds:

thanks, but im gonna re make it to make it better :]

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its was pretty fun for awhile. There are a couple of things that kind of ticked me off about the gameplay.

1. When there were tons of enemies the game lagged. yes i know, this happens with lots of games, but when the game lagged the enemies shot as fast as they normally would, and your character would shoot 2 times slower.
2. I hated the fact that i could only buy 1 weapon/item in the same class every round.
3. The game seemed really hard after round ten, and if that is what you were going for, then congrats.

Over all i loved the game, especially the graphics. It was pretty addicting, but that changed when it got harder. It would be great if you could change all of those things that i mentioned before, or even just make a second game. Keep up the great work!



I will be playing this game, walk away when I get bored, but find my self coming back to it over and over again. It takes some time to get used to the game! The tunnels are awesome, and are how i unlocked most of the achievements, but obviously it is possible without the tunnels. I will be playing this game for weeks to come!


right away

i noticed that you got the town names from fallout 3. This game isnt very much, i got to -800 health, is that supposed to happen? any ways, for what it is, it is ok

NinjaBilly4 responds:

Like I said to the guy above, I meant to add that into the description. I will add that as soon as possible.

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Because Waffles? Dude this is pretty sick. I always hear this like DooM-ish vibe in your music and I love it. Always this heavy, high-energy feel. The clarity of the mastering in this is awesome. Very moody. Kinda jealous because my mastering is shit, even after all these years, haha. Hope you've been well man.

Lublub194 responds:

Truth be told this is all a drum kit. Sampled guitars and sampled drums. So of course it sounds clear, lol. I'm still struggling to get a good master/mix for live stuff.

All is well, hope the same for you!

I'm trying to wrap my head around what bands this sort of sounds like, but it's so all over the place with it's sounds that I can't even name any haha. Believe me, that's a damn good thing. I fucking love it. That melody has me hooked. The different breakdowns in between the choruses were really well thought out. I especially loved the intro though. I really wasn't expecting the song that came after it, but you blended everything in together like a pro. Good work man!

I think finish this. This is fucking insane. You're really good! Honestly, when I listen to heavier rock or metal, I can't stand a band simply because of the way they tuned their guitars, but this put me in heaven. Keep up the good work!

For over a decade, music has been my passion. I've been on Newgrounds since I was 5. That's nearly 20 years! I'll always remember this place as where it all began.

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