Do You Appreciate Dubstep?

2014-03-01 17:47:56 by carl565

Where has my life gone in the past two months? I'll tell you where. Right into this playlist here. I've dedicated a lot of time into mainly searching for and listening to Dubstep songs and then adding my top 50 favorites to a playlist. This started out as just something I was doing for myself and a friend, but then I decided to upload it to Youtube and share it with everyone.

I plan on making more of these, hopefully with more genres eventually. As you could probably guess, this is the early 2014 edition, eventually there will be a mid 2014 edition and an end 2014 edition.

Right now I am still actually looking for songs to put into the next edition. If anyone knows of any good Dubstep songs or artists, please let me know in any way. It could even be your work. In that case, I will view your song and review it or let you know through messages that I will be using it.



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